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Why Turkish Tile is the Best Choice?

Sometimes we think to ourselves why our customers should choose us to import tiles from Turkey. And after this brainstorm, we tried to create some reasons for our customers to prefer us, and we would like to share these reasons with you.

Easy Communication and Accessibility
All contact details, up to the mobile phones of the whole team, is available on the website and our customers can reach it at any time quickly by whatsapp or call. We answer all emails within 24 hours. We strive to provide superior customer service and we make sure every customer is completely satisfied with our work.
Possible Problems and Solutions
We try to identify all possible problems and malfunctions that may occur before the sales process takes place, rather than after-sales support. We examine everything over and over again. We imagine all possible bad scenarios and concentrate to solve them before happening. However, whatever happens, we are always with our customers unconditionally against any possible glitch or problem.
Before Order, Be SURE
In our business activities, all our customers before order can want us to send them a product sample to be able to be sure it is the correct one and exactly the same one like on pictures or its features matches with the same details and descriptions as stated on the website. We have no limitation to post sample products. You can choose any products to require a sample one. But if appreciate, this is a paid service.
With our sales and organizations we have done for years, we have gained the trust of our customers and we continue our efforts to save and deserve this trust.
Price Stability
We always try to keep our prices up to date. We are in constant communication with all manufacturers and we are very stable in this regard. Our prices are not personal but may vary according to the amount to be ordered.
Our company carries out its business by obtaining the necessary legal documents and does its work with the competence given by these documents in the organizations it makes

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We understand that our employees affect the success of our business and we recruit intelligent people dedicated to Turamic

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